How To Wear Yourself Out Of Feeling Like Shit

You all may have heard of the famous water experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto. He labeled bottles of distilles water with thoughts. Some water bottles were labled with positive thoughts like: ‘Love and appreciation’, And ‘Thank you’. Others were labeled with negative ones like: ‘Hate’ and ‘Adolf Hitler’. Then he freezed contents from each bottle and photographed them at sub zero temperatures using a high powered mictoscopic camera.

The results showed unbelievable difference and variations between the photos. The water from positively labeled bottles where amazing diamond-like structures, while the negatively labeled bottles collapsed and had black holes and yellow edges.

Well, guess what? We are mostly water. The amount of water in an adult human body can range from 50-75%, infants around 75-78%. That’s most of our body. Wow! Conclusion: Words influence water dramatically, and we are mostly water, so wearing T-shirts with words is way more then just a fashion statement, it influence your molecules!

You may think you always have to wear T-shirts like ‘Love’ and ‘Gratitude’, but come-on, our molecules aren’t stupid, you also have to be honest about your words. Shifting your feeling in the right direction, will be faster if you’re more accurate.

Understanding how incredibly important this is, we’ve created the most important guide this world had ever known: How To Wear Yourself Out Of Feeling Like Shit. You could be feeling like shit because of  a heartbreak, lost a job, people were assholes to you, life aren’t going like you planned, or whatever else may be ruining your day. We get it. Life can be challenging to say the least, at times. BUT there are things you can do about it, let your voice be heard, even when you feel you’re too weak to speak. Wear it, feel it, this is your way to take action when it feels like no action may be taken or help. But it will. Remember: we are water, and like water, words affect us. This is the first step into feeling better.

  1. Look At All The Fucks I Give. We know you still give a fuck. You would not be feeling like shit if you didn’t right? But there’s no better way of starting to climb out of the misery hole than wearing this one with pride. I don’t give a fuck, I don’t give a fuck.. fake it until you make it. Meanwhile, this great sweatshirt will hide away the extra ice cream you’ve been piling up (was written while eating ice cream). SO MUCH WIN!

Look at All The Fucks I Give Long Sleeve for Men Custom Hoodie Sweatshirt

2. Feel like shit because of a heartbreak, and #1 felt like too much too fast: Here’s a step back, so you can take 2 steps forward.


I Fucking Love You Womens Cotton Brief Panty

I Fucking Love You Womens Fashion Workout Non Padded Sport Bra


Customized Girl I Mean I Love You: Hanes Black Boxer Brief Underwear

Just wear this under the #1 sweatshirt, so you’ll know you’re still true to yourself, but telling the world otherwise. Until you’re ready to move forward. It takes time.  Meanwhile, nothing like some good cussing clothes to take the edge off.

3. You love bad bitches. That’s your fucking problem. well, knowing your problems is the first step in solving them. So this is why you feel like shit. Tell the world, maybe someone who’s not a bitch will fancy your sense of humor and you’ll be saved from yourself. Worst case, more bad bitched, exactly what you love. Either way, venting out by wearing this, will ease your pain and get you through the day. Smiles of people as they walk by you, will cheer up your day and take you a step out of feeling like shit. Isn’t that wonderful?


Cybertela Love Bad Bitches That’s My Fucking… Sweatshirt Hoodie Hoody

4. Another day of not giving a shit. As you may have noticed, we’re really into not giving a shit, it makes you feel…well..not shitty. So that’s wonderful, isn’t it?

LookHUMAN It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like I Don’t Give A Shit Mens/Unisex Baseball Tee

This shirt is so accurate. Words here will be making a difference with your body-water for sure! You see, it’s not just about not giving a shit, it’s the process. You’re declaring you’re in a process of beginning to not give a shit. Yay you! you’re awesome. Go tell the world.

5. Heavier stuff. If thus far nothing helped, even just a little bit, you’re on to the heavier stuff.

Shop4Ever Fck You Stick Men Crazy Hoodie Funny Sweatshirts

A simple fuck you T-shirt. Yes, we started this by talking about negative and positing words, but listen! sometimes, saying “Fuck you” is the most positive thing you can do. Some moments in life call for it, this is one of them. Wear it with pride.

6. Laugh is off, I Shitzu not.

Great I Shitzu Not Shirt for a Hipster Shitzu Owner

Nothing more healing than telling the world you still have a sense of humor in you. This semi smart semi funny T will brighten up your day, and everyone around you. I shit you not. Aren’t Shih Tzu adorable little creatures?


We gave these T-shirts a go on really shitty day. It worked. We had to share the news. Doing something nice for yourself, as little as wearing a cool funny T-shirt can make a world of a difference, and you can go on about your life, forget what troubled you in the first place. Words do make an impact. Choose the words you wear carefully. Cussing, is venting, being honest and expressive, all very positive – a very positive influence on yourself and your current situation. It’s temporary, wear yourself out of it.

Plenty more cussing gear in our store. Go ahead and check it out.





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